Why Should You Fast?

Many believers fast because they are told to do it, they believe it makes them appear more holy, and various other reasons. But do you really know why you should fast?

The purpose of fasting is to help you line up with God’s will, purpose, and Word. The thing(s) we give up allow(s) more time to increase your focus on God and pursue a deeper relationship with Him. It is not meant to lose weight or appear righteous, but to spiritually draw closer to God.

Why Fast?

  1. Develop discipline

  2. Destiny decisions

  3. Deepen your relationship with God

There is power in fasting, especially corporately. In Ezra 8, the body of believers came together to fast with the same motive. When they got on one accord and fasted, God answered their prayers individually and collectively.

When you fast, you are saying to God, “You mean more to me than the things I have put before you in the past.”

Take the time to remove distractions and slow down to pursue a healthy relationship with God. If you humble yourself before God, He will reward you.

Scripture Readings:

James 4:10

Mark 2:18-20

#fasting #Ezra #James #Mark

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