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How can you give your Tithes/Offerings and donate to our church?

When it comes to the giving of our financial resources, the Bible teaches us that there are two main forms of giving that honors God --- tithes and offering. Here at Full Gospel we encourage you to honor Him with your time and money. Find out why.

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ways you can donate
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There are two main forms of giving online to our ministry. You can use our PayPal link or  CashApp $FullGospelChurch.  If you miss one of our serviceseel free to give online at any time.

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We have several ministries that would love to have your serve along with them. If you don't see a ministry to join, then let's talk about creating it!

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we help?

We care about our members and our community. If we can give to you in any way, contact us to discuss the request in detail.

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The tithe, according to the Bible, literally means the 'tenth part' or the 'tenth portion.’ In Biblical days, the people of God gave God a tithe or 'tenth' of their harvest (resources). The Bible even goes on to say that the people of God recognized and understood that the 'tithe' was holy and it belonged to God.


The Bible also teaches that the people of God gave offerings, which are separate and distinct from the tithe, to honor God as well.  As people of God, we embrace this principle of tithing by honoring God with a tithe or 'tenth portion' of our financial resources. We also give God offerings. We do this because we recognize that the resources we have were given to us by God.


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Why we as people of God honor God through our giving?



We give God the tithe and our offerings because we love God.



We give to God because God is the Lord of our lives. We recognize that He is the most important priority in our lives.



We give because giving shows our loyalty and commitment to God. It shows that we understand and accept His word and we embrace the principles of giving that are outlined in the scriptures.



We give because when we give our tithe and offering, it says to God that we recognize that God is the source of our livelihood. When we give to God we are saying that we understand that the only reason we have what we have (our possessions, our financial resources, etc..) is because God blessed us with it.


Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, [so let him give]; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.


2 Corinthians 9:7

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