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Youth Greeters

FGT Youth assist our Greeters and Ushers Ministries in greeting members and guests during special occasions. It is a great opportunity for our youth to learn how to be professional in greeting others, and also be mentored in the protocols of proper church etiquette.

Youth Choir

The Youth Choir allows our youth an opportunity to be expressive and sing praises to our our God from their generational viewpoint.


Phenomenal, Empowered, Authentic, Radiant, Loved, and Special ladies is a mentoring program for girls from the ages 8 - 18. These young ladies meet once per month for self-development sessions and they participate in various community service projects throughout the year. The program equips, encourages, and empowers our young ladies as they deal with peer pressure and engage in societal norms at this stage in their lives.

Youth in Action

The Youth In Action Committee is involved in various community programs that allows youth an opportunity to use their gifts to bless others.

Youth Dance

Perfect Praise Dance Ministry is for girls between the ages of 9 - 19 who wish to express themselves by sharing the gospel message through the power of dance

Mime Ministry

God's Gifts Ministry is for boys between the ages of 9 - 19. This ministry uses the art of pantomime to express the message of the gospel through movement to music and songs.

Puppet Ministry

The Puppet Ministry uses the art of puppetry to convey Biblical messages and retell stories of the Bible in a way that is fun, enjoyable and easily understood by both young persons and adults.

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