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The Missionaries Circle

The Missionaries Circle serves as a spiritual extension of our Pastor and our ministry. The primary job of the Missionaries Circle includes praying for our members, supporting our ministry, and leading the lost to Christ.

Mothers' Board

The FGT Mothers' Board is made up of a group of seasoned and well-informed mothers within our ministry. Their major responsibility is to be living examples of mothers' living Godly lives. Their roles include sharing wisdom and knowledge with our younger generation of women.

Women's Fellowship

The FGT Women's Fellowship is held quarterly on the fourth Friday at 7:00 p.m. Women from our church and community meet to discuss various topics, encourage one another and build relational sisterhood between our church and our community. It is open to all women who are 19 and older.

Young Women's Christian Council

The FGT Young Women's Christian Council is a ministry uniquely geared towards fellowshipping and ministering to women who are between the ages of 18 to 40. During these fellowships, topics and concerns that are specific to this category of women are addressed.

Nursing Guild

The Nursing Guild Ministry aims to provide comfort and support to members and visitors when first aid is needed and in case of emergencies. Members of the Nursing Guild also serves the Pastor, Ministers, and pulpit guests during service to ensure that they are comfortable and physically prepared to minister.

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