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The Music Department offers its gifts of instruments to enhance the worship experience. Our musicians use instruments as an extension of praise and worship, not a replacement.


The purpose of the FGT Praise and Worship team and Sanctuary Choir is to help usher in the spirit and presence of God through the power of songs. The overall objective is to encourage and minister to the believer by rendering songs of praise and worship that glorify God and lift up the name of Jesus. We also showcase a Women’s Choir and Men’s Choir for special events.


We have both a girls' and young women's dance ministry to offer praise and worship to God through the power of dance.


The Multimedia Department utilizes on Audiovisual, Camera, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Photography, and Social Media teams to communicate and spread the good news about the kingdom of God. This department fulfills its purpose by producing kingdom-oriented media content that can be shared with our congregation and others.


The FGT Drama Team presents special performances for various church events to share messages of faith and empowerment. 

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