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FGT Connection

The Family Connection Ministry is a ministry geared towards focusing on the families (or individuals) that are new to our ministry. The primary purpose of this ministry is to ensure that those who are new to our church make a 'connection' and become apart of our spiritual family.


The Couples’ Ministry provides an outlet that deals with building successful marriages and relationships. It is the sole purpose of this ministry to motivate couples to take their relationships with their spouses to the next level, as well as their relationship with God.


The Singles’ Ministry provides a nurturing and Christian fellowship whereby single members can be motivated to grow spiritually, socially, and emotionally through meaningful activities and workshops. It is the goal of the Single's Ministry to instill into the single believer a sense of spiritual contentment and peace while walking with God during this 'season' in their lives.


The Hospitality helps prepare for special events at the church by offering catering services for church socials and functions. It is also the duty of the hospitality ministry to offer member care when a member is sick, shut-in, mourning, or dealing with any circumstance that will prohibit him/her from being able to fellowship with the church family.

Usher's Board

The Ushers' Board ensures that everyone is properly seated and directed throughout the sanctuary throughout service with the goal of ensuring the service runs smoothly and attendees are comfortable worshipping with us.


Greeters welcome members and guests to any service held at FGT. Our desire is to make sure every person is greeted with a friendly face and helping hand whenever they fellowship with us.

Intercessory Prayer

The Intercessory Prayer ministry is committed to consistent and fervent prayer on behalf of the pastor, congregation, community, and any other requested prayer.

Sick & Bereavement

The Sick & Bereavement ministry attends to the needs of any member who is sick or enduring bereavement. The purpose is to offer physical and spiritual support during the time of need. 

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