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At FGT, we take pride in being more than a church, we are a family. Our membership is comprised of individuals from various cities across the nation. Here, we fellowship together no matter our backgrounds of failures, successes or mistakes, making our ministry a special place to be. Through our strong commitment to family, youth, education, and cultural awareness, we work diligently to be a home for all who come to worship and work with us. We welcome you here to be a part of our church family fellowship!

Pastor & First Lady

Meet Our Pastor and First Lady

BishopA.D. Shaw

Bishop Antoine Deonardo Shaw was born in Anniston, Alabama to the proud parents of Bishop Larry and Lady Diane Shaw. As a young child reared in the church, he quickly recognized the call of God that was upon his life. He was saved at the age of 11, and he began his first work in the ministry by introducing his father to congregations as his father traveled across the country running revivals. As a young minister, Minister Shaw preached his first sermon at the age of 13, and God has been utilizing him to impart into the lives of many ever since.

Bishop A.D. Shaw is a graduate of Georgia Southern University, where he obtained a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Sociology. In 1999, he began his first pastorate at Evangel Temple COGIC in Lafayette, Alabama. As one of the fastest-growing churches in the Chambers Tri-City Area, he remained with the ministry until 2004. In the fall of 2004, at the request his father, Elder Shaw(at that time) moved to Hinesville, Georgia, to assist him in the ministry. In September of that year, he was appointed Co-Pastor. In March 2006, as the membership grew, the full mantle of leadership was bestowed upon him and he was appointed the Senior Pastor of Full Gospel Tabernacle COGIC.

On June 23, 2021, Bishop A.D. Shaw experienced one of the greatest milestones in his life as he was consecrated and elevated to the office of Bishop by Presiding Bishop J. Drew Sheard. 

Lady Quamea Shaw

First Lady Quamea Elaine Shaw was born in Wilmington, Delaware and is the proud daughter of Tom & Rochelle Holmes. Moving to Georgia at an early age, she was quickly drawn to the church. Lady Shaw began singing in the church choir and performing solos during her elementary years.

As she continued to grow spiritually, Lady Shaw became known for being an inspirational singer, and performing with various choirs and groups within the community. Over the years, her anointing and powerful voice has been the willing vessel that God uses as she serves not only as the First Lady of our Full Gospel church family, but also as our Praise and Worship Leader.

In 2008, Lady Shaw founded and organized two mentoring groups geared towards encouraging and empowering women. "FIT 4 CHRIST” is a self-help group that encourages women to be fit spiritually, as well as physically and “MAKE ME OVER” is a thriving motivational ministry geared towards encouraging and teaching women to love themselves from the inside out.

On October 25, 2008, Lady Shaw married the love of her life, Pastor A.D. Shaw. They have been blessed to give birth to two loving children, Alayah Shaw and Antoine Shaw, Jr.

Meet Our Founder


Bishop Larry L. Shaw


The Full Gospel Tabernacle COGIC ministry was birthed out of a vision that was given to our founder, Bishop Larry Shaw, who was serving in the US Military as an Active Duty Chaplain. In March 1993, Bishop (Chaplain) Shaw was stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia, where he continued to serve through February 1995. It was during this time that the Lord had begun dealing with him about starting a work in the Hinesville area.

On March 8, 1995, Elder (Chaplain) Shaw followed the vision and voice of God and held a meeting at the Shoney’s Inn Banquet Hall (now Panera Bread) for anyone that was interested in becoming a part of a new ministry being established in Hinesville. During this meeting, he shared that God had given him a vision to build a 1,000-seat sanctuary, a feat that had not been accomplished by any ministry in Hinesville at that time. He also told those present that he envisioned a church that would teach the “Full Gospel,” of the Bible, hence the name and ministry of the Full Gospel Tabernacle Church of God In Christ was birthed. After this meeting, Elder Shaw met with some of the people who had served with him during his days as a Chaplain and selected his Officers and Auxiliary Chairpersons from this core group.

Bishop Larry L. Shaw served active duty in the US Army for more than 20 years. During his tenure on active duty, Bishop Shaw’s duty assignments included tours in Vietnam, Korea, and various military bases throughout the United States. In addition to his military duties, he organized four gospel services, founded three Christian ministries, and established seven churches throughout the United States. As a result of his outstanding leadership, Bishop Shaw received more than15 outstanding awards to include the Joint Service Commendation Medal, two Meritorious Service Medals, two Army Commendation Medals, and a Vietnam Service Medal with two Bronze Stars. He also received one of the highest military honors, the Purple Heart for an injury received in Afghanistan in 2007.

When President Bush made the announcement  that more than 20,000 troops would be sent to Iraq and Afghanistan, Bishop Larry Shaw quickly stepped up to the plate. After being notified that he was selected to serve in Afghanistan, he along with thousands of fellow soldiers and Reservists accepted the call to duty with honor. He felt that because we are the greatest country on earth, we are obligated to give aide to the struggling people of the world through humble and dedicated service.  Bishop (Chaplain) Shaw served his patriotic duty in taking part of an effort that would ensure protection and security of our country, and at the same time provide freedom to those who are oppressed. He seized the need to serve his country as a Soldier, and to serve Christ in a wider capacity. He envisioned this as an opportunity to take his call of God to another level. He served as the Garrison Command Chaplain in Kabul, Afghanistan until he was injured and then was released to come back to the United States.

Bishop Shaw has the distinct honor of serving as the Bishop of the Historic First Jurisdiction of Southern Georgia, Church of God In Christ Inc. He also was elected and served as the Secretary of the Board of Bishops COGIC from 2004-2016. As a well-known, sought-after man of God, Bishop Shaw serves both God and country. We are honored to call him Soldier, Pastor, Founder, Bishop, Husband, Dad, Mentor, Humanitarian, Friend, and Servant of the Lord.

Meet Our Staff


The Ministerial Staff here at Full Gospel Tabernacle truly understands that ministry is all about serving people. Collectively, the Ministerial Staff are armor bearers to our Pastor and the ministry and each week their main priority is to ensure that they help meet the spiritual needs of all of our church members and visitors.

Elder Freddie Rogers

Elder Ronald Holmes

Elder Tom Holmes

Minister Rahshe Solomon

Ministerial Staff

Operations  Staff

Deacon Melvin Dougherty

Deacons Board Chairman

Sister Cathy Smiley-Culbreth

Church Administrator

Elder Freddie Rogers

Chief Financial Officer

Mother Gail Burgohy


Brother Michael Chessier

Deacon Keslet Cineas

Deacon Donnye Culbreth

Pastor's Adjutants

Sister Delmetia Jackson

Sister TyLicea Weston

Sister Deridra Weeks

First Lady's Adjutants


Our History


We are more than a church.

We are a family.

The Full Gospel Tabernacle congregation grew out of a hunger and thirst for more of the things of God. There was a cry throughout the city of Hinesville and the surrounding communities for a greater outpour of God's anointing upon the worship experience and Full Gospel Tabernacle answered that call. FGT is an innovative ministry focused on growing the community by loving God’s people. As the "Family Church," we strive to provide a wholesome environment that encourages the whole family to seek and build a relevant and strong relationship with God.

On Wednesday, March 15, 1995, FGT held its first Bible Study at the Shoney’s Inn Banquet Hall (now Panera Bread), followed by our first Sunday Morning Worship Service held on Sunday, March 19, 1995. There were approximately 140 people attending our first service. Out of the 140 in attendance, 125 people joined the Full Gospel ministry on that day. From the years of 1995 to 1999, our ministry changed locations a total of 19 times before we found a permanent location.

Even with our many location changes, the Full Gospel Tabernacle ministry remained faithful to the assignment that God had given us. This was a great and tremendous milestone in our ministry. On May 11, 1996, less than two years old, we celebrated the burning of the Mortgage for our land.


Also on September 14 of that same year, our founder was elevated, consecrated, and appointed to the Office of Bishop in the Church of God in Christ, Inc., by the former Presiding Bishop Chandler David Owens. April 19, 1997 marked the Groundbreaking Ceremony and Service with the Reverend Bernice King, the youngest daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., as the guest speaker. Later that evening the Inaugural Dinner took place in Savannah, Georgia, at the Hyatt Regency to celebrate the Episcopal appointment of (Elder) Bishop Larry L. Shaw. The guest speaker was again, the former Presiding Bishop Chandler D. Owens.


During the evening hours of April 27, 1999, three months prior to the scheduled grand opening of our Sanctuary, tragedy struck when our building was broken into by vandals and set afire. This resulted in total destruction of the inside and major damage to the exterior of the building. Down but not out, disappointed but not daunted, Full Gospel Tabernacle continued its mission to establish a house of worship in the Hinesville area. In May 1999, to show moral and financial support, a Community Rally was organized and held at Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church.

From 2001-2002, our church experienced three great milestones in our storied history. During the State Worker’s Meeting in March 2001, Full Gospel Tabernacle, along with the Greater Savannah District joined the Southern Georgia Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. where Bishop C. J. Hicks was the Prelate. A year later, on March 14, 2002, our founder was elected to the office of Jurisdictional Prelate of the Southern Georgia Jurisdiction, Church of God in Christ. He was later installed in April 2002 by the Chief Apostle & Presiding Bishop, Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson. Bishop Patterson also dedicated our newly reconstructed Sanctuary on that same day.


From our humble beginning, the Full Gospel Tabernacle congregation has grown into one of the largest Pentecostal services located throughout the Ft. Stewart/Hinesville area. Our ministry has been applauded for its uniqueness and diversity by maintaining its common touch with new soldiers and families, as well as senior citizens. We are a Family Church, and our ministry is driven by the purpose of providing love, training, and teaching for the entire family.


As we observe the history of our ministry, we recognize that God has been faithful to us and His hands have been upon our ministry. As we look forward to the future, we believe that we have many blessed days ahead and our best days are yet to come as we continue to impact our community for the Kingdom.



Our Statement of Faith declaring what we believe concerning our Savior and salvation.



the Bible to be the inspired and only infallible written Word of God.


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